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Excelleration Program

BRAND CHANAKYA Excelleration Program

Excelleration Program

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What is Excelleration Program?

Excelleration Program is a combination of Acceleration & Excellence.
Maximum entrepreneurs are facing a common problem of growth & they are puzzled with day to day business process and suffering a lot mentally and financially because of these issues.

To overcome with such solution everyone knows that hiring the best people of respective department is one of the best possible solutions but existing financial situation doesn’t allow them to do so. Second, expert advice is always lacking in the businesses to grow more with speed.

As Direction is much important than speed because many are going nowhere fast.

After understanding this problem which is a part of maximum small size entrepreneurs we have come with an ultimate program which is a unique combination of training to entrepreneur along with implementation services, helping them in creating resources/tool to operate the business in smooth process and training of team members.

Who is Eligible For Excelleration Program?

Any Entrepreneur who is facing similar issues which are above mentioned can apply for this unique program where the minimum annual turnover should be more than 5 Lakh.

as of now, implementation services are available in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Gujrat Only, soon we’ll expand the services in other states as well but the only consultation is available pan India.

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