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About Us

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As a Renowned ancient philosopher Chanakya said “If you will not try and run you will never be able to win the race “ . To stay in this race of highly competitive world one need to be updates with market’s trend.

To win this in a world driven by client servicing agencies we at Brand Chanakya differentiate ourselves by using a 100% practical approach . we apply a unique, condensed and customer-centric approach to reach the limbic brain of consumer and provide growing brand or handsome market share. We work a lot on data analysis before we take on any digital media planning and marketing work.

Hence, we not only deal about branding and marketing through digital media but use a portfolio of digital services and marketing mix to create a brand according to a business need and market in which it will enter. Our constant measurement and feedback from clients helps us to do things the right way and at the right cost. We listens well (yes, we actually listen) and make recommendations that both meet to your need and anticipates future needs too.


At Brand Chanakya (Business Consultant) we believe that if your problem is defined sharply the solutions can be impactful. We used culture based studies including ethnography and semiotics to understand consumers and categories and find solutions that are encoded in design. We believe that brands must encode unconscious belief systems to be truly successful.


In our world of sequential linguistic logic, we marketers battle between the rational and emotional. While we use the neofrontal cortex to make logical decisions; the consumer is using the limbic brain – the area of the brain where delight, trust and loyalty reside. Design allows us to reach the limbic brain with accuracy and shape consumer behavior.


At Brand Chanakya, we go beyond design that is aesthetic, harmonizes or structures; to shape such behaviors. Our design results in increased trial, enhanced market share or growing revenue for brands.


Brand chanakya is lead by Mr. Varun Surana (Business Consultant) who is working with so many brands to grow in efficient manner in this cut throat competitive world from hiring to execution of corporate services. Varun Surana is having experience of 7+ years of working with several brands for various branding and promotional services.

Business Consultant Udaipur , Udaipur’s Business Consultant

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