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How a website can help you in your business!

How a website can help you in your business

How a website can help you in your business!

How a website can help you in your business – The website is a very common term for every digital literate person in India and I am going to cover some major aspects in this blog posts which will help you to understand following topics and I am sure that your all questions will get justified answers.

How a website can help you in your business!

  1. Why a business / professional should have a website
  2. How to convert visitors into customers
  3. How to decide the right budget
  4. How to get more visitors to the website
  5. Social media marketing plays an important role to divert traffic on a website
  6. Offline methods to promote the website

So let’s start from the question 1

Why a business / professional should have a website

A website is like a virtual counsellor or virtual presentation of your product/services 24 x 7 x 365 days. So even if you are not available or busy in some other stuff a structured website can help your potential customers to understand/get more information about your product/services.

It’s not about status at all, I know some people who asked me like we just want to have a website because it should be there on my card and they like isse lagta hai bada business hai / brand hai etc”

A BIG NO, the website is all about spreading accurate and same information to all potential customers.

If you have a website then question number 2 can be helpful for you for sure and if you are planning for a brand new website, you’ll get some points to be considered while hiring a team for website design & development.

How to convert visitors into customers

The only way to convert visitors into customers is proper website hierarchy and sales oriented content along with some call to action options.

If your website’s content is not sales oriented or having a mismanaged hierarchy, it’ll spoil the conversion rate so always invest good amount in content, cheaper options can be dangerous, they sound good at the initial stage but later on you’ll feel that you have lost all the money because your website is good for nothing.

Along with website you should have live chat AI based / WhatsApp plug-in to get data of interested customers. It works so well. Once your visitor is interested in buying your product/services they’ll love to interact you so interaction option should be there who can respond as soon as possible before your customers change the mindset or jump to the next website of your competitor.

last week I have tried WhatsApp plug-in on one of my websites, so any visitor can get in touch with us on WhatsApp by clicking the icon which is there on the home screen and we have got 20+ leads and converted 2 of them into customers till now and hoping for 3-4 more conversions.

How to decide the right budget for website

Deciding the right budget for a website depends on the type of website you need. Steps in decision making include various aspects like domain name’s cost, hosting charges, theme/code cost, development fee, content charges etc.

Your website is your first impression; hence you are not suggested to go with cheaper options. at least invest 1-5% of your total revenue

Your website will require the budget of your time, efforts and money. As now a day’s customers are digitalized and they spent excess time online and on researching. If your website is not updated and up to mark they will never be able to find you.

How to get more visitors to your website-

Well this question itself raises a big question mark on your worry level. That is how to get more visitors and traffic on a website. Questions in your minds are like, how to get free traffic on your website? Are there any other sources besides Google which can bring visitors? While yes we have the answer to these questions and what exactly you have to do to attract more visitors rather than completely relying on Google search traffic.

1. Clarify your target market.

2. Understand your audience.

3. Optimizing your website for Google- as we all know Google holds more than 70 % of search engine markets and thus this rank number one in getting free Google traffic.

4. Include Yahoo and Bing in your list – though these don’t have the market share of Google the top position in any of two can contribute to a good number of visitors.

5. Add your website to the chrome store- many webmasters are not taking advantage of it through Google webmaster is a good source of free traffic. Just a few easy steps and you are all set to go just add your website to Google chrome store and get free and continuous traffic.

6. Add fresh content- keep your website updated with fresh content and interesting blogs.

7. Get a mobile version of your website ready as this will help you with attracting more traffic.

These were few sources where you find out the medium of generating maximum traffic and visitors on your website but in the end what important is to know about your right and potential audience and where these potential customers hang out. Try to think out of the box and give good reason to your customer to visit your website.

Social media marketing plays an important role to divert traffic on a website

Yes, if you keep on posting regular stuff on social media you can get more traffic from your social media handles. Along with that if you have good writing skills you can promote some informational blogs on social media or you can hire some content writers/agency for having contents.

Blog posts are one of the best, in my opinion, to divert traffic from social media handles to your website and if your blog posts can conclude the summary that how you / your business can make easy life or solve some certain problems of your readers, conversion becomes very easy.

Offline methods to promote the website

Is it a good idea to promote websites via offline model, if yes How – this is one of the very common questions I have faced from many people. Here are some simple yet powerful options, use your website address on following stuff.

1. Business cards & Office stationery

2. Carry Bags

3. Gift Vouchers

4. Signboards

5. Car

6. Employee’s bike/car

7. Uniform of team

8. Print media ads

9. Bill / invoice / receipts

I am sure that now you can understand the importance of having a website and how a website can help you in your business and the right way to have it and promote it.

You can contact Brand Chanakya for quality website development, search engine optimization, web structuring, content redrafting, social media marketing services.

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subahu jain

subahu jain

nice article, people must learn and understand the importance of well planned and structued online presence.

November 9, 2018 6:52 am Reply


Very useful article thanks for sharing

November 13, 2018 6:00 am Reply


hey, i read your blog i must say a website is very helpful for any business it can create your identity on web drive customers direct to you. if any one wants to know about how brand chanakya helps business to grow business

February 8, 2019 10:03 am Reply

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