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Why Brand Chanakya is the Best SEO Company in Udaipur Rajasthan India?

When clients ask us about what are the most effective and best strategies to get endless leads in the future? We always say SEO. Search engine optimization aids in the discovery of potential buyers. “Lead Will Be Yours For Sure” if your website is well-structured, sales-oriented, and has a clear call to action. Brand Chanakya provides one of the best SEO services in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, where we treat your company as if it were our own and work on it as needed.

Since 2016, we have been working as an SEO agency in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, providing services to a diverse range of clients and assisting them in achieving and retaining top search engine rankings. A decent mobile-friendly and smooth website is a must-have necessity for SEO, as it grasps the psychology of customers who search for things relevant to your products or services. We encourage young entrepreneurs and businessmen who want a digital presence, to work with us to achieve the success and progress that they have always desired.

SEO at Brand Chanakya

Difference Between SEM (Google Ads) & SEO

Let’s not discuss technical things as being a business owner your focus should be on getting leads to enhance sales, not the mechanism but in short, google ad is the fastest solution to rank on top pages, and Brand Chanakya, being the SEO expert in Udaipur is well versed with this knowledge. But, whenever a person clicks on your website/call to action link, you have to pay a specific amount per click. While SEO is purely an organic way, where it takes time and google doesn’t charge you, once your website starts ranking on multiple keywords, even if the clicks reach a number of 100K per day. That simply means you just need to invest in the time and efforts of the team / SEO agency in Udaipur.

Who Should Opt For The SEO Services In India?

If you have a retail trading business, restaurant, or cafe, you don’t need SEO, you just need to create your GMB (Google My Business) listing and efficient optimization. But, if you are into any kind of manufacturing business, baking, hospitality services, e-commerce industry, healthcare business, professional like CA, Lawyer, Artist, celebrity, Import-export business, wholesaler or distribution business or education industry, SEO can be a game-changer for you to enhance sales in your business. If you also want to create awareness of your products and services for the targeted audience then you must look for the best SEO company in Udaipur.

How SEO Helps In Enhancing Sales?

More Leads means More Inquiries that leads to More Sales, but in India, user mostly search on google when the mindset is to get information about particular products/services or connection, that means with the help of SEO, you get more qualified leads and you just need to put effort for walk-in, meeting and sales pitch. If done strategically, SEO can raise your conversion rate and increase sales. An effective plan by an SEO expert in Udaipur will assist you in reaching out to potential consumers, attracting the proper users to your site, and streamlining the sales process.

How Much Budget is required for SEO?

The budget for SEO or SEO Packages in India depends on various factors like keywords, demographic area, other business competitors in a similar category. However, it can go from 60,000/year to lacs per month. Whereas we offer affordable SEO services in Rajasthan and are the first agency in India that charges on a declining basis on renewal part if the requirement remains the same. It simply means when the inflation rate is going up, your leads start increasing and our fee starts decreasing, isn’t it interesting?

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    KYC & KYP: We at Brand Chanakya start with the first step where we use our theory of Know Your Client & know Your Products / Services, so we can understand what will work and what not.
    Along with that our team discusses the desired goal and expected results from SEO for your business and moves further.

    Understanding the Market & Industry: Here we internally research, discuss and get important insights about your targeted market & how your industry is performing and what are the actions required to start effective SEO.

    Website Audit / Creation Of A Brand New Website From Scratch: In the third stage we audit your existing website and make necessary changes for result-oriented SEO and if you don’t have an existing website we’ll start creating a brand new website from scratch.

    Keyword Research: After auditing and creating a new website we start keyword research and search volumes plus tracking those keywords which are being searched by most of your competitors which can be used to pull more customers/leads/inquiries to your business.

    SEO Strategy Planning & Competitive Analysis: Here Comes the most important task for SEO which starts your SEO process from mind to feet. Our chief planning officer and director Varun Surana sits along with the team of Brand Chanakya who is going to handle your SEO process and explain the tasks step by step to all the team members.

    Our core team lives up to our tagline which is “We Take Your Business Personally” & We mean it and that’s the only thing that helped us achieve the title of best SEO agency in India based in Udaipur Rajasthan.

    SEO Strategy Planning & Competitive Analysis: Here Comes the most important task for SEO which starts your SEO process from mind to feet. Our chief planning officer and director Varun Surana sits along with the team of Brand Chanakya who is going to handle your SEO process and explain the tasks step by step to all the team members.

    Our core team lives up to our tagline which is “We Take Your Business Personally” & We mean it and that’s the only thing that helped us achieve the title of best SEO agency in India based in Udaipur Rajasthan. 

    Keyword Insertion & On-Page Tasks: This is the first task of the SEO process where our team starts working on your website from the mind to the paper and then to your website. The team starts optimizing a complete website for the on-page SEO process according to the latest Google updates and algorithms and starts optimizing the on-page keywords.

    Content Creation: If SEO is the king of getting free leads we consider content as the queen. Without the queen, the king is incomplete and can’t expand the kingdom :), so regular and frequent content creation starts taking place within 1 month after the website for desired results of SEO are achieved.

    Link Building (Off-Page Tasks): Link Building & Off-Page activities helps the website to get results faster, it works on the theory of informing and promoting. In the era of digital marketing, the website needs to follow all the required tasks by google to get ranked organically and off-page SEO activities work like oxygen to the entire SEO process and this is the most crucial process that starts from day 1 and never ends :).

    Digital PR & SMO Activities: Digital PR with popular influencers, website and SMO activities helps in attracting more traffic and also helps in brand visibility.

    Performance Tracking On Monthly Basis: Our chief strategy officers keep an eye on daily activities which are being performed and prepare the reports and share with clients every month where you get to know complete information about the tasks and results along with keyword rankings.

    “Now if you think that you can manage, handle, and plan all above activities with a small in-house team, then go for it and don’t hire an agency. But if you want to focus on your business and are willing to delegate this task to Team Brand Chanakya (The Leading & Best SEO Company In India) Then we can assure you that we have proven track records where 1000+ keywords are ranking on google’s top 20 positions of our clients from various segments across the globe :)”

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    Few More Reasons To Choose Brand Chanakya As Your SEO Service Provider!

    Brand Chanakya is one of the Best SEO Company In Udaipur, At Brand Chanakya, We have the best resources from tech to human to offer you 360-degree digital marketing services in India. From 2016 we have been consistent in winning the trust of 100s of our esteemed clients for local SEO, national-level SEO, global SEO, social media marketing, branding & online PR activities.

    We are proud to have the best SEO experts in Udaipur who are young, dynamic & creative Chanakya’s in our team from different backgrounds. We have business professionals, artists, media professionals & techies in the team who are working with a single focus which is ‘We Take Your Business, Personally!’

    We believe that to pull traffic from Google in the form of website visitors pay per click is not the best option, because we care about your money. Look at the reasons why we focus on SEO services instead of Paid Marketing

    PPC cost keeps increasing with the inflation art and google’s policy but our SEO packages rates are always decreasing.

    In Various Survey, we have found that user don’t click frequently when AD tag comes in the results because the maximum user have a psychology that they want to go with the real result, not with the promoted one.

    SEO gives you consistent results and increases the brand authority and value of your website & PPC can give you immediate results with a highly targeted audience within a time-bounded period even if your website is not SEO Friendly. SEO is very cost-effective and gives you a much higher return on investment.

    Local SEO
    Suitable for local businesses where the business wants to serve local clients only. We take all keywords based on the city/district name. Local SEO can assist any company that has a physical location or serves a specific geographic area.
    National SEO
    Suitable for large-scale and mid-size businesses where customers are served pan country-specific. Although similar to Local SEO, National SEO is largely concerned with ranking for broad keyword terms rather than specific location terms.
    Global SEO
    Optimizing your content for a multitude of regions worldwide, Global SEO is suitable for online sellers, e-commerce businesses, export units, and large-scale businesses where there are no geographical boundaries for serving customers.
    One Person SEO
    Suitable for profiles, portfolios, or websites of celebrities, artists, politicians, Influencers, professionals like CA, Lawyers, Doctors, Coaches, Trainers, Motivational Speakers, etc. need specific technical SEO that can maintain their Digital Presence streamlined.

    What Makes us The Best Digital Marketing Company In India?


    Collaboration: We have many amazing in-house and out-house collaborations which help our clients in getting amazing results for Digital PR, Branding & Visibility. We Have many influencers, social communities, SEO experts in Udaipur under our collaboration initiative.


    Honesty: We work on a transparent task and pricing model with our all clients for all services like social media marketing, website development or SEO services.


    Accountability: When we have a tag of the best digital marketing agency in our customer's mindset, we understand that best comes with many accountabilities and that's why you get an accountable person to communicate or answer your all queries.


    Neatness: We never work on massive mode be it our designs, content or any other services. Every piece of creation comes out as a neat and clean creation from team Brand Chanakya.


    Anticipate: Our expert SEO team always anticipate productive and fair tasks/processes.


    Knowledge: It is the biggest wisdom of a digital marketing agency. We keep on updating our knowledge, skills and practices on a regular basis.


    Yes-Minded: NO is considered as the Next opportunity at Brand Chanakya, we believe in ‘nothing is impossible’ theory but when it comes to taking business we just don't take orders if we can't justify the expectations.


    Appreciation: We love appreciation (Give & take Both, Even On Small Efforts) it helps us in maintaining our productivity.

    Our Best Tech Practices Which Makes us The Leading SEO Agency In India

    Google Updates

    Our team keeps updated with all the latest Google updates, new policies and algorithms so the process and result of SEO don’t suffer.

    Unique & Fresh Content

    0 Plagiarism policy is being followed at Brand Chanakya from day 1. For every requirement, we create fresh and unique content for SEO.

    White Hat SEO

    We have 0 Black Hat policy at Brand Chanakya, normally SEO agencies apply black hat technique to show fast results which leads client to suffer penalties from google and sometimes google blocks the complete URL for organic growth.

    Focus on 0 Spam

    Being the trusted SEO agency in India, we never practice anything unethical hence the focus remains the same, i.e. 0 Spam.

    Technical Parameters

    At Brand Chanakya, we use all modern tools and techniques to follow the latest tech parameters.

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