Brand Chanakya provides business and corporate training which include soft skills training, motivational training, sales training, digital marketing training etc in Udaipur (Rajasthan) India.


Brand Chanakya is a leading/ an emerging business corporate training company in India, offering specialized trainers for customized soft skill and behavioural training programs as per the culture of your company. We work on training “people’s capabilities” & committed to developing individuals personality enabling them to meet business objectives and achieve excellence in life as well. Our holistic approach and a true blend of modern western management and ancient Indian wisdom, time management, team building, sales training program, customer service program, creativity and innovation workshops, problem-solving and decision making training, etc which include communication skill training inculcate empowering the individual to be impactful and effective professionals. 


Our customized program designed to help you improve sales performance and generate maximum revenue by our series of sessions which develops your sales skill set and trigger on your sales performance. Nowadays the traditional approach to sales and marketing doesn’t work, change in sales techniques help you get more buyers. Through experts, keynote and workshop inspire your sales department audience to put these ideas into practice right way. 

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As professional digital experts, we know how to transform business and thrive employees & customers as well. Our corporate digital training program ensures that your staff gets expertise and has relevant digital marketing skills. Our team of professionals accesses the skills of your workforce and helps us tailor digital programs to meet your needs. Now reduce employee churn and enhance customer engagement by investing in the learning and development of your staff. To enjoy great ROI & digital transformation in your organization contact us.


De-stress your workforce by our exquisite mental wellness workshops and improve productivity. Now be that attractive employer by making your employees happy with our unique and creative workshops designed particularly to boost the internal environment and providing challenging and appealing workplace. If you’re pressed of time or simply wants to save time and boost some inspiration to manager click on the link below, our team of professionals will coordinate with you.


As we all know stress is the greatest enemy of productivity, performance and profit. It can cost a company’s efficiency and success so to de-stress environment and improve productivity we have come up with labour happiness program and stress management workshops conducted as per the company’s need.

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