All the information provided on the website of Brand Chanakya is reliable and trustworthy be it in terms of pricing, privacy policy, refund, cancellation, terms & conditions, etc.

Terms And Conditions

By using this website or working with the Brand Chanakya for consultation services, or digital marketing services, you have read and should agree on all the terms & conditions. All the terminologies used in the website refers to the company, its owner, or the client. All the terms and conditions mentioned here are for the clients’ help so to make them understand all the things be it in terms of meeting, payment, completion of the work, etc.

Privacy Policy

You can sit back and relax when it comes to the privacy of the clients. All the personal or project related information provided by the client is kept in a very confidential manner and is not passed to third parties. When closing the deal or when the project is finished you can ask for the sign-offs, and also request them to not reveal it and keep it by themselves for the future needs (if needed).

We can give you the surety that no one from the company will share, discuss, or use it for any kind of false purposes and will not be using your email account for any purpose. If there is a need of sending any kind of mail from your account then you will be informed or either that was mentioned in the terms of the agreement.


Our terms for payment varies and depends on the type of services you are or you will be taking but in most of the case’s payment is taken in advance and that too 100% or if the client somehow fails to do so then they are given a period in which they will have to make the full payment, until then all the credentials, projects, or the belongings remains with the company and will be returned right after the payment.

For the websites, approx 70% or more is taken as an advance and the remaining at the time of the completion and changes will be done accordingly if you wish to do so.

Payment can be done through-

  • Cash
  • Via Digital Medium
  • Cheque

And all the payments will be excluded GST that means along with the payment of the service you will have to give the required GST of that service.

There is no policy of discount especially for those who are taking these services on the monthly basis, but some kind of a little bit of extra service or offer can be given to those who are taking it on an annual package.

There is no scope for any kind of bargaining as we believe quality over quantity and expect the same from our trusted customers and the new ones.


When the deal is finally closed and work has been started on it then there is no scope for the cancellation if needed then it remains as it is in short no work will be done until your next message is received by the company for some time, but no recommendation of yours from the third party will work. But for the extreme conditions, it can be done only if you have your valid reasons for that. And for that, you will have to inform it on a very early stage through the mail, call, or proper text message. Once the work is completed or about to then nothing can happen.

Refund Policy and The Termination

The deal closed with all the terms of the agreement can be terminated for the specific reasons but for that both the parties agreement is needed. There is no refund policy as well. As the team starts working on your project right from the day you said “YES” to the company. And for that, they have to undergo several payments in terms of the completion of your project. In case if you have paid some extra amount for the services which you were about to use in the future it will be refunded.

Website’s Support

Once the website is handed to the client then no further changes will be done from the companies’ side as the project is completed but some minor changes can be done but that too not for a long time, just for a limited time. Changes do not mean changing the concept, theme, or design. Brand Chanakya will not be responsible for issues such as hosting, domain name, social media accounts, or email accounts if they are being handled by your third party.

Once the minor changes are done then the company has full right to ask for extra payment if you want to have some more changes related to the website design, layout, etc.

The company has the right and full support in terms of changing all the above things timely. All these terms of the agreement, conditions, privacy policies, etc are made to avoid the communication gap between the company and the client and they have all the things cleared in mind of what will happen under such circumstances.


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