Ans:- Business Consultation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Content Writing, Blogging, Email Marketing, Website Design and Management, PPC (Pay Per Click), Video Creation, Design & Concepts

Ans:- With the increase in competition your every single buyer is running after the Digital Marketing Agencies to mark their presence online and are experimenting continuously with different methods of marketing to increase sales, ROI (Return On Investment), growth, etc. And it’s high time to adopt the new culture of Marketing via Digital Medium, because “abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi”.

Ans:- Digital Marketing is the brand new version of Traditional Marketing. Earlier you were paying for the marketing for a traditional way, now you will have to pay for the Digital way. By this you will also be able to track your business’ performance whether it is going down, is it stable, or on its way to the growth, reach, lead, etc. If you observe some kind of delay in your deliverables to the clients or your online performance is not working well then you can immediately change your marketing tactics with the help of the agency.

Ans:- Your website will directly represent you and your work when a new visitor comes to your website. And the website is the best way to gain trust digitally as it solves all the queries of your new visitor via the website. But before that your website should be user friendly, easily accessible, is filled with the vital information, images of the product or services are shared properly with proper text, and all your contact information is given.

Ans:- When the best quality of content is being used in the websites then it helps a lot in SEO as well as in the ranking. But it only demands the content which is zero percent plagiarized, high quality, with proper formatting, and it will be great if there is the involvement of some strong words in between the articles, blogs, or in some other kind of content.

Ans:- These all tactics depend on your viewers and how often new visitors come to your website, or any other social media platform, and how catchy is your content to grab the attention of your viewers. If your website is a blogging website then you can publish two or three blogs once a week, and if you have a product or any kind of services then sharing them with the relevant information via graphics, or text daily or alternatively will be a great thing to do.

Ans:- Keywords help your website, blogs, etc for the ranking on the Google Pages or Search Engines. But before that, proper keyword research is done according to the type of business you have and then those keywords are being ranked on the Search Engines, and later are used in between the blogs, articles, or in short content also. If the keywords are properly ranked then it can even bring your website or content on the first page, and sometimes it leaves those with the paid ads.

It will help your user reach you in a very effective way and will also help them in finding the right products and services which they were looking for but could not reach.

Ans:- We would love to work with you even if you don’t belong to our city. Nowadays people don’t want to travel much especially for meetings, as they are sure about the agency and what exactly they want from them. And are pretty much comfortable on calls, video calls, emails, or text messages in terms of meeting and finalizing them. The only thing matters are that the right message is conveyed to both the parties as what they want and what they can give. And rest becomes history when you get exactly that, which you always wanted and dreamt of.

Ans:- First and foremost you will have to contact the owner of the agency or company and share all those things which you want even if you have to remove or rebuild something. If the owner is unable to understand your queries then he or she will let you talk to that person who is working on your project so that a proper conversation can be held to remove all your doubts, and changes can be done which you asked for.

Ans:- Well, we believe in quality work rather than showing off. When we talk about the latest trends, technologies, ranking, performance, etc it keeps on changing and will continue for the decades. As all the Search Engine wants, is that all their users should reach to the genuine and trust-able sites, so they keep on changing their “Algorithmsā€¯ by bringing the new ones. And now your quality website will solve all your problems and ranking keeps on changing and that’s why all the possible things are done to keep them on front pages and appears in front whenever the user searches the related results.

Ans:- Brand Chanakya is the company that takes all the projects very seriously and works very hard to give the best possible results to all the clients. What all deliverables you want can be customized but in that case, the time limit extends a bit.

No one can guarantee that there will be no issues in that as there are a lot of factors that depend on that such as communication gap, human errors, technical errors, etc. But we try our best to provide you all the things with no or minimum error.

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