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Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads – The Better Option For ROI

facebook ads vs google adwords

Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads

Google AdWords and Facebook ads are two parts of the PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platform. When it comes to digital marketing, search engine optimization is a great way to drive a good amount of traffic to your products and services, but it takes time. Although, you could do it with some proficient experts dealing in the field. Brand Chanakya (Digital Marketing Company in Udaipur) has turned multiple businesses by conversion through PPC.  But what if you want to grow your business presence faster? 

The best options to do that would be Google Adwords and Facebook ads, but what is better for your business?

Well, it completely depends upon what kind of business you deal with, it also depends upon which kind of crowd you want to target, who is your targeted audience, what are your services, do you have an online service or not.

And we don’t really know what’s best for us we just go on hunting PPC services in India, But, this article is to make you aware of the two so you could have the proper knowledge to differentiate between what exactly suits your business. 


Since we live in the information age, we have changed the way we search for answers and connect to society. Today everything we are looking for or want to know “Google it” has become such a common feature to us. 

The average person spends 24 hours per week but since the pandemic, it has changed the whole scenario. User rates have been increased by 0.27% per minute. People spend more than 5 years and 4 months on web browsing as per a study. Because the majority of consumers spend their time online, each business should invest in it. 

But, we understand the small businesses have limited investment, so reaching consumers at a large scale and in a faster way becomes a necessity. And sometimes without any proper guidance and knowledge businesses tend to set up their campaign incorrectly and then blame the platform or services. But, it is also not the business’s fault, it just didn’t the services to the right platform or audience. 

For SEM services in Udaipur to get more knowledge on the subject, you need guidance from the expert team.


Social media marketing has now become one of the admired platforms in the 21st century that has the ultimate goal: conversion of customers. You can think of the two this way. Adwords help you find new customers and Facebook ads help new customers find you.

These both are advertising platforms, you might have seen these before too. Companies on both platforms bid on a specific keyword that is most relevant or similar to their products and services and bid on it. The highest bid gets the top position in ads. And then you pay for each click on your ad. 

If you want a medium for promotion or wanting to expand your customer base then Facebook ads are the better option for you. This would completely depend on your services too. If you run an online store that sells products, you can expect a higher conversion rate over Facebook ads. In 2016, the Facebook platform had 4 million advertisers, in domination to mobile. If your business offers services, then Facebook is the right medium to launch your brand. 

Unlike Facebook, Google Adwords is effective in conversions because a consumer there is actually looking to buy the product and service then and there. For example, he might search for a departmental store near me, chances are you would look on Google then waiting for any Facebook ad to pop up on your screen. 

Conversion means the customer has visited your website and had performed the action you planned on them to perform like bought your product. So, businesses need to make sure in what kind of campaign they invest.

There is not a specific situation where one platform is better than the other. It is dependent on various factors, you need to analyze your business and know your goals and options then decide to go either for Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. 

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Traditionally, Google Adwords is known as paid search. It means you are paying for your listings on SERPs. Paid social conventionally means Facebook Ads because it is sponsored advertising over social media platforms and targeting a specific sub-audience. 

Another form of driving traffic to your site is through SEO, the best SEO company in Udaipur helps you deliver your goals and strategize, so your every buck pays you back.


Is Facebook ads are right for your business? Maybe. Let’s see.

Facebook ads basically appear on the screen when a user isn’t looking for a product or service. And Facebook isn’t just limited to Facebook newsfeed. A few of the Facebook ad placements are Facebook newsfeed, Instagram feed, Facebook marketplace, Facebook video feeds, Facebook right column, Audience network, and Facebook messenger. Therefore, businesses should raise awareness of their products and services through these. 

Make sure that your ad is visual. This means the ad is treated favorably with Facebook’s algorithm and is also more likely to be memorable.

USP is the unique selling point of your products and services, the customer wasn’t looking for your ads but it still popped up. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to include your USP so that he would now understand that there is something in it for him.

Facebook now includes a free feature that rates your ads and gives businesses a relevance score. This includes how relevant your ad image, ad copy, and destination page to your audience. 


The answer highly depends on what your end goal is. 

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