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इंस्टिट्यूट की फीस कलेक्शन की वजह से हैं परेशान ? मिलाइए ICCC के साथ हाथ और पाएं पूरी फीस एक साथ

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Though number of coaching institutes in India have grown multifold in the last 2 decades, yet there is a dire need of bringing all the institutes under one umbrella and introduce some programs and adopt certain practises that would facilitate their growth.

ICCC is single-mindedly focused on bringing about this change.

Dedicated initiatives to facilitate your business

ICCC is conceived with the purpose of contributing to the progress of every member-institute.
The club will provide a proactive support system that is essential to run a successful coaching institute.

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Easy Steps To Apply Loan

  1. Select your desire Institute and course.
  2. Apply provide and verify your details and documents online
  3. Approval on the spot approval and instant support from our loan advisors.
  4. Approved Loan disbursed to your institute
  5. Parents can repay in flexible EMIs.

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Key features of ICCC
India’s 1st platform for all stakeholders of education sector. Unparalleled products for educational institutions that provide Stability, Security and Prosperity. Unmatched services for institute owners and teachers that promote growth and learning. Provides a stage where institutions can speak about issues that concern them.

How cumbersome is the process of application?

Ticket size ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 10,00,000/- During these COVID times no requirement of collection of PDC’s Post application, within 24-48 hours the status of proposal is updated Minimum EMI amount should be Rs. 3,000. The complete process of application of loan and disbursal is done online.

What should be the minimum  income or salary of the parent or  loan payer ?

The salary or income should reflect in the bank accounts. The minimum income of the parent or the payer should be Rs. 15,000 excluding the on going EMIs paid by them.

 Can the student apply for loan?

The age of the loan payer should be between 21 years to 60 years. The loan payer should be able to repay as per the norms set. The loan payer should be a resident of India.

Is the Credit Score of Educational Institute required?

At the time of enrollment the Credit Score of Educational Institute is not checked. Regular ratings of Educational Institute shall be undertaken on the basis:
No. of Cases rejected
Percentage of Bad Debts
of dropouts etc.

In case of Parents earning in CASH (like Small shop owners, etc) ?

Generally, if at any point if they have purchased heavy appliances like TV,   Washing Machine etc. they will have credit history. This enables to trace the CIBIL score. And also, the Banking history of the Parents is verified for eligibility.

What happens if for some reason the monthly installment is not paid?

If still remains unpaid, then, amicable recovery process is initiated, and collection is attempted The risk of BAD DEBTS is of Vendor company.

What if the Students opts out of Educational Institute?

If for any reason the student opts out of the Educational Institute and the LOAN is sanctioned and the disbursement to Educational Institute is made if the Educational Institute has the policy to approve the same, the amount disbursed shall have to be returned to vendor company.

If Students plans to discontinue the course after say paying two / three installments, What is the process?

At the behest of the Educational Institute, if the collection of the monthly installments needs to be stopped, then for the remaining funds a calculation shall be made by vendor company and the same shall be returnable to them.

What are the Payment options available for Parents?

Parents can choose from a wide range of Payments options from 3 months to 24 months

How quick the money shall be disbursed to Educational Institute?

Upon approval and completion of documentation, in 3-5 Working Days the funds shall be credited to the account of the Educational Institute.

Are there any processing charges to be borne by the Parents?

There are no processing charges to be borne either by the Parents or by Classes.

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