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Importance Of Website

Why Website is Important?

A website is a collection of pages and relevant content that is owned by a common domain and has a presence over at least one server.

If you are always normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. Before understanding the importance of a website, you must understand the importance of social media presence. We live in the 20th century, don’t use social media to impress people, use it to impact people. Social media can do a lot for your business growth. Companies from Apple to small grocery stores make their presence over social media through a website. So don’t be normal, grow with the advancing technology. I will share a link or two, in the end, so you can visit for more details for free without having to wonder which site to go to.

It’s the 20th century, we are living, working, eating, or even bathing virtually. They say the world is in our hands now. I wonder, what if you have something to introduce your brand to this whole world at just one click? Many of you already might know-how but most of you don’t know it. It is the power of a website.

So what is this website?

A website is your virtual business, don’t go all technical, it’s easier to understand than you think. It’s actually a virtual platform to make available your services to your existing customers and also to create new ones. It is a collection of web pages and related content.

When you search for something and those 8 blue links appear on your screen, all those are websites some for the promotion and some for the information.

Every second, millions of people are searching over the internet and that’s where search engines come in. We are living in an era that having no website or virtual presence of your business has become almost a crime today. Everything that goes viral, you have often come across this word, is because of the power on the internet. But every piece of information is available on a website. 



Almost 93% of business purchasing starts with search optimization. Take you for example what do you do when you go shopping or movie, or from buying a bathing soap to body lotion, you go and type top brands for example so the keyword is top brands here, now if you do the same for your business and people are liking your products it will automatically come to the priority system and your website moves up as per google guidelines according to the word searches. 


The major advantage of having a website is, it is available 24/7, you might be sleeping here in India and someone in the U.S.A wants to check out your products and services. They can check it even while you are sleeping, so if you see it then you are earning in your sleep too.


Your website adds value to your business by FAQs, blogs, tips, advice by entertaining your customers. This will also help them to remember you better. A buyer is someone you buy from you once or twice but a client or customer is someone who not only loves your products/services but also introduces the quality of your brand to his loved ones too. 


A website opens up a great platform for investors to invest in you if they see you as their asset. Also, having a website not only increases your sales but also increases your availability. However, the only website doesn’t bring in paying customers, Search engine does, it brings in more qualified customers to your websites who are more likely to purchase your product or service.


The most amazing part is customer satisfaction, How? See every business looks at what customers review after having purchased their product. Feedbacks are a great way to achieve your customers’ satisfaction. This becomes easy over a website, you can introduce FAQs, virtual chatbots to make available your services 24 hours a day. This not only builds satisfaction but also trust in your brand and the credibility of your brand.


In today’s market, brands without a website are seen as less credible. Having a website allows your consumers to know what exactly your products and services are all about. Apart from this you can also aware of your consumers about your company and its mission. By doing this, you are building a trustworthy healthy relationship with your consumers.

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