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What Are The Reasons For Low Sales In Online Marketing?

Many business owners have a digital presence over the various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. but a maximum of them either not getting inquiries or these are too less or even if you are getting inquiries you are not getting a good conversion ratio.

To understand these problems and reaching some conclusion in the last 7 days I have raised 40+ online inquiries for various products and services from different local vendors.

PS: I haven’t raised any fake inquiry, I have inquired about general products or services which I am in need or I may need in next 1 or 2 months.

Reasons for low sales in online marketing | Business Consultant In Udaipur

Conclusion 1: Having A Presence Is Ok But Not Active Presence.

Out of 40 Inquiries, I am still waiting for the reply from 15+ vendors to get information/details/quotation. Promptness is something which is the need of the hour, nobody waits for 7-10 days to get the first revert, so either remove your digital presence or make it proactive else it may spoil your brand’s reputation.

This was the 1st Reasons for low sales in online marketing that you are having your presence there but not actively

Conclusion 2: Bad Impression On The First Call Because It Was Sounding Like A Follow-Up Call

I am having a bad impression for 7 vendors out of 40 vendors just because of impression over the first call, maximum tele-caller asked like do you need this / that?

I mean, if I have inquired that means I need it else why I would have raised the inquiry or some callers talked like ok this is our address, come to our shop/office to get details we can not provide all the details over the call.

And this is the perfect reason that these kinds of vendors will never start the journey of becoming global to local.

This was the 2nd big Reasons for low sales in online marketing

Conclusion 3: Incomplete Information Was Provided And I Have Loosed My Interest

8 vendors or their team contacted me with uncompleted information because they were also not aware of the outcomes of the product/services and some of them said like “Boss Se Baat Kar Ke Batate Hai!”

And ultimately I have loosed my interest in those vendors.

I was impressed with approx. 8 calls/emails and I have purchased 3 out of them within 1 week just because every detail was available on phone/email and it increased in buying the things which they were offering.

And this was the 3rd and the main Reasons for low sales in online marketing

Now Mega Conclusion: Digital Platforms Are Not Bad!

If you use those platforms with the right strategy and put the right efforts for the conversion, revenues can come to your pocket and what I have found is the services or products which I have ordered, I was in discussion with the business owner only. That means the right training of your team is one of the biggest aspects in converting online inquiries into customers and active promptness in the revert system is the backbone.

“if you think that we do not need online marketing services, believe me within 3-5 years maximum business owners will have to opt it either by choice or by force.”

“If you think having a Facebook page/profile is enough on the name of digital presence, without a proper strategy, impactful graphics and influencing the content, it’s actually waste of time in most of the cases” This is the Reasons for low sales in online marketing

“If you have got digital marketing skills or have the in-house department or any agency with you proper training of your team is mandatory”  

How Can We Help You?

reasons for low sales in online marketing,

We (Brand Chanakya – One Of The Best & Fastest Growing Business Consultancy Firm In Rajasthan) work for many businesses as a fully-fledged digital marketing agency and we have clients from various industries like education, healthcare, authors, photography, internet companies, electronic showrooms, astrologers, mining and mineral & industrial manufacturing companies.

We Work With Major 5 Things For All Of Our Clients

This can increase your revenues & profitability amazingly, recently one of our clients booked a business of 20 Lakh+ in Just 2 Months in his first year of the business.

Varun Surana (Founder: Brand Chanakya)

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Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya
Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya
Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya