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10 Common Myths About Digital Marketing

10 Common Digital Marketing Myths – With the global scenario of getting digitalized, the marketing industry is completely endorsed into the digital world generating maximum profit and output in business and giving its players a wider and broader range of opportunities and channels to reach customers worldwide at a single click.

Digital marketing has been around for about two decades. That might sound like a lot but the reality is something different as in the marketing field it’s a pretty short time, especially in an ever-growing field like digital marketing a lot of significant changes have taken place in recent years.

There’s no shortage of misconceptions and Digital Marketing Myths. These misconceptions and Digital Marketing Myths are mostly preached and perpetrated by distracters and digitally unsound people. Misguiding and ruining your opportunities and dreams are the only mottoes of these preachers, so if you really want some solid results from digital marketing you need to debunk these Digital Marketing Myths and dispel them for once & all and should go for the expert’s advice.

Let’s Debunk Such 10 Common Digital Marketing Myths That Hold You Back From Doing Your Digital Marketing Right.

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#Myth1- My Business Isn’t Attractive Enough For Digital Marketing-

In today’s digital world it is recommended to market your products whether you are selling smartphone or household accessories. It has become the need of the hour, people Google for whatever they want & prefer to buy it online. As today everybody wants things delivered quickly at their doorsteps without wasting time & effort.

#Myth2- Who Needs A Website When There Are Social Media-

Though social media is a great tool, there are chances of website terminology and cannot replace it. A high-quality site focuses on digital marketing which is fast and frequently accessed by buyers but if your website is not updated & is slow then outcomes for your business are really bad.

Needless to say! Google punishes such a website by ranking them lower in search engine result pages.

#Myth3- The More Traffic On The Website Generates Better Results

No doubt traffic is really important, but getting the right traffic is more important! Generally, people have misconceptions that generating more traffic will benefit the maximum. Theoretically, if we look into this matter it says more traffic generates more leads and conversions but well-targeted traffic not only saves time but also brings genuine customers.

For example, if we get 2000 random visitors on our website and out of it only 5 are genuine & who becomes lead or if we get 300 visitors and out of it 40 are genuine /who are convertible leads then it is very easy for you to judge which is better.
That is why it is important to do research on who your actual audience is and your demographics & how you can reach them.

#Myth4- Email Marketing Is Dead-

There are general Digital Marketing Myths and misconceptions businesses have is if they engage in email marketing their customers would treat their email as spam. If you think email marketing is outdated and superfluous then concentrate on how many times you receive bills through the mail or any important document from the company or email from your kid’s school or credit updates etc. If we look at the survey done we can find that people check their mailbox 1-3 times a day.

So if you are worried about your mail to get spammed then you should work out on it by sticking to reasonable mailing frequency that is by sending mail with real interest such as new interesting information, sales coupon, etc and give recipient option of unsubscribing then email marketing is a safe bet generating highest ROI & is most effective in acquiring more customers than any other digital platforms.

So clear these Digital Marketing Myths

#Myth5- Digital marketing Is For Large-Scale Business-

A business whether on a large scale or small scale can go for digital marketing on the basis of goals and objectives. To create a buzz and awareness of products & services, a digital platform is the best way. By putting efforts into SEO any business can harness maximum growth and potential customers.

Digital marketing myths, digital marketing services#Myth6- SEO Is Dead-

SEO is no way dead; rather it is evolving with each passing day. Google is setting up SEO standards too high. Whenever you need important information about a brand or product or services, Google search is the only option. Most online users are using and will continue to use a search engine. For the higher ranking of search engine result pages and to bring the targeted customer to your business, SEO plays a major role.

#Myth7- Must Have A Business On All Social Pplatforms-

It is not important to have a business on all social media platforms although social media has become very powerful & new social networks with marketing potential just keep popping up everywhere. What you need to do is concentrate on the right media platform to get an accurate result, for example, if you are putting an advertisement for techie interns and you use snap chat instead of LinkedIn, your purpose will not turn fruitful.

Choose the platform according to the audience which would work best for your business and stop believing in these Digital Marketing Myths. Maximum 3-4 platforms are enough to have accounts on which will generate the desired lead and customer for you.

#Myth8- Constantly Re-Design Your Website-

No need to constantly redesign your website, just test sales pages if there is a need to redesign. Preferably when you want to do sales boost up or SEO reshape, or to keep pace with the latest trends.
Add quality content to make your page look fresh on a regular basis, this easy and small effort can help you lot instead of redesigning or revamping.

#Myth9- Bad Comments Online Harm Business-

If you hesitate to market your business online just because you fear shame, low ratings & negative reviews about your products then let me help you with this Digital Marketing Myths.
Every coin has two faces; there will always be those who complain, but then you will also have satisfied customers who will happily rave about you to all their friends. This should be the primary objective for doing digital marketing as haters gonna hate but from bad reviews, you learn and try to change and make sure next time this doesn’t happen if you are willing to stay long term.

#Myth10- My Competitors Are Not Digitalized; Why Should I Bother!

Bingo! That’s great news for you and honestly will suggest to take advantage of it and engage in digital marketing. Don’t lose your potential customer by copying others instead try to grab that opportunity before it’s too late.
Get digitalized! Gain more traffic, maximum conversion ratio, potential leads, and more revenue and get out of believing these Digital Marketing Myths.


These are the 10 Common Digital Marketing Myths. Don’t believe what others say. As following others’ footsteps can hinder your growth and success because every story or myth is not true until and unless we do complete research about it. Take digital marketing as another way of selling products and services. For more information contact us on 9783207700

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