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Marketing Tips For Boutiques/Clothing Stores, Clothing Store Marketing Ideas, Boutique Marketing Ideas

In today’s Internet world, the Internet is great as it let you punch the customers. For any business, small or medium women wear the world of business, digital presence is crucial.

One of the trickiest and important questions is that, “Once the clothes are manufactured or designed, how they can be sold?” Here, Your Clothing Store Marketing Ideas/ Boutique Marketing Ideas is one of the most critical components to success.

Before starting any Retail Women’s Wear Shops or Boutiques, you must know the potential market:-

• Like if your target is youth and teenagers (Upto 32 Years), You must focus on Instagram (70% Insta & 30% Facebook Page).

• If your target market is 25-45 or 50+ try to build your own WhatsApp broadcast lists and use popular online communities of city/state (Facebook groups).

• If you are selling stuff under 1000, try to build your e-com store and try market places as well like Amazon and Flipkart. If you are planning to enter this segment, I always suggest this model: sell a maximum of 5 categories with 5 colors like only Kurti or t-shirts or types of denim/leggings – black, white, pink, red, green that’s it.

E-commerce marketers have social media, digital content, search engines, and e-mail campaigns to attract more visitors. In today’s world, 93 % of all internet activity starts with a search. So, running an online store will benefit the sales but it will be the toughest part to run.

If the Questions “Why” and “How” are tickling in your mind then either book a consultation call with me or hire our Digital Marketing agency for you.

Engagement is the king in this category and engagement is the toughest task in this industry as women are not so much frequent on likes, comments, and share. Why I am mentioning engagement because the women-oriented market is also not so much friendly with web traffic to an unknown or local website, also as per the experience we have noticed women based ads are always 30-70% costly.

So, here we are focussing on a few Clothing Store Marketing Ideas/ Boutique Marketing Ideas which can drive the engagement:-

Whatever the business you run, maybe a local business or any national company, social media presence is a prominent part of the marketing business strategy. Social Media Marketing is an effective tool to drive awareness and easily connect to the customers which will boost your sales and leads.

Few Good Clothing Store Marketing Ideas/ Boutique Marketing Ideas to drive engagement on FB / Insta:-

1. Ask Some Simple Questions & Announce Paytm / Instant Gifts (NOT VOUCHERS)

Clothing Store Marketing Ideas, Boutique Marketing Ideas

By creating complete business social media pages, by regularly posting interesting and informative content is a great way to make your business more well-known and to keep your audience base satisfied. Making small changes in the Facebook post or Instagram feed can help in updating generate clicks, likes, and comments.

In short, your posts can help in engaging customers to you. The more the creative posts, the more will be engaged to your Social Media Posting. One of the simple and effective Clothing Store Marketing Ideas/ Boutique Marketing Ideas to connect with your social media fans by posting a simple question and small gifts type of posts to them. By putting simple questions will help to connect with fans easily by comments and directly increase the reach of your post.

2. Post Quality Pictures (With Your Logo & Contact Number)

how to grow clothing store online

Graphics or photos are the primary types of content posted and shared on Facebook or Instagram. From the customer’s point of view, photos are the most engaging part of social media posting. So, posting good quality of pictures related to your business like women’s wear will help you more in connecting to customers.

Photos should be of proper quality and uniquely created for your business. You don’t need any professional photographer, your mobile phone’s cameras will work. The point is that your photo should speak about your business to customers.

3. Search & Use Hashtags Wisely

how to use social media to grow boutique or clothing store

Using Hashtags related to your business or product is a crucial Clothing Store Marketing Ideas/ Boutique Marketing Ideas. It helps in making your content discoverable and connect to the customers easily. But, using the appropriate hashtags plays an important role here.

First, search the hashtag before use. Then, use the trendiest and simple hashtags on different social media platforms. This will enable you to reach your business to the customers or audience easily and improves your brand engagement.

Including too many hashtags will leave the impression that you are spamming your followers. So, use a maximum of two hashtags for each post.

4. Invest Some Money In Paid Promotion & If You Can Afford, Hire An Agency Or Professional For Your Online Business Growth

Clothing Store Marketing tips, Boutique Marketing tips, 4 great clothing store marketing ideas

If you don’t get time for regular social media posting then invest some money in paid promotion. This will help in getting more reach to your post. Hiring a good social media expert is also an effective Clothing Store Marketing Ideas/ Boutique Marketing Ideas if you can afford it.

A social media expert will visit your place of business, talk to some of your customers and dig a bit to know about the impression of how you serve your business in the market.

By hiring a Digital Marketing Agency like Brand Chanakya will help you to know more about your competitors and helps to grow business through social media engagement.

Would you like to drive your business growth through digital marketing services or social media marketing services? Then, just be free to call us at +91-9783207700. Or visit at www.brandchanakya.in. We can’t wait to start driving results for your business!

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