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How To Effectively Use Youtube For Lead Generation

Before We start, I would like to draw your attention towards some eye-opening data and facts about YouTube in 2022 

  • Total Number of Monthly Active YouTube Users: 2 billion+
  • Total Number of Daily Active YouTube Users: 30 million+
  • Average Mobile Viewing Session: 40 minutes+
  • Number of Videos Watched Per Day: 1 billion+
  • YouTube is the 2nd most visited site in the world.
  • 37% of all mobile internet traffic belongs to YouTube.
  • More than 70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by its recommendation algorithm.

After Jio’s penetration, YouTube has got a rocket in its viewership in India and many of you know that YouTube doesn’t create any content for viewers, content creators i.e. YouTubers create content for viewers and YouTube works just as a bridge between video creator and video consumer, and a lot of content creators are making a lot of money because of YouTube videos not just from ad sense but by selling their products, services, training programs, and consulting packages, etc.

In this blog, I’ll explain how YouTube videos and your YouTube Channel can become a lead machine for you at 0 costs, yet at 100% 0 & organic cost.

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“If you want to sell via YouTube, you have to understand that one should not produce video content to get just likes, subscribers or comments, your entire focus should be on sales via video.”

Now the question comes, how to do that?

It looks very easy to speak that earn from YouTube and many people tried but never succeed and you are telling us to believe you again?

ANSWER is efforts in the wrong direction are always useless and this is the reason many people never got any success with YouTube videos, YES the right goal with clear direction is required for sales from YouTube videos.

FIRST understand that if you think that you’ll upload a video today and from tomorrow there’ll be a queue of customers you are wrong, YouTube videos are part of content marketing and content marketing adds value, knowledge, and information first to the viewer’s mind and after that he/she prepares their mindset to buy. They first visit your website or landing page or maybe they can contact you directly on phone / WhatsApp first. After your pitch and nurturing they can become your customer from the viewer so what you need to understand is the right planning and clear goal is requires for YouTube promotion.

I am uploading videos for 3+ years on video and don’t have many subscribers (You Can Check Here) Here but some of my videos are still sending leads to me on regular basis. Let’s understand what you need to take care of now to generate sales from YouTube videos or leads from YouTube videos.

FEATURE vs FUTURE: In YouTube videos, you should always talk about the future of the customer after using your product/services instead of just features of your product/ service. Try to use creative visualization techniques or solve some problems with the video.

Connect Vs Sales: Don’t try to sell at any point in time, connect with your viewer and invite them to your consultation, free demo, offer some samples so they can connect with you, and once they connect the lead is yours 😊

Proper Call To Action: To connect you have to add a proper call to action In your YouTube videos that is the viewer should at least visit your website/landing page or inquire about your services (Reason is always important: as I have given you to check my YouTube channel first that with few thousand subscribers and very basic views I am getting 300+ leads every year. Almost 1 / working day without any new effort or cost). 

youtube marketing, youtube lead generation,

YouTube Marketing: To get more leads from your videos you have to understand YouTube optimization, YouTube SEO, and YouTube’s algorithms first, and if you can’t understand/learn hire an agency like brand Chanakya for YouTube marketing in India or proper YouTube optimization in India.

“At Brand Chanakya, we offer all YouTube marketing services in Udaipur and across the globe now. We have optimized hundreds of YouTube videos under our YouTube marketing services segment.”

YouTube Algorithms: Every business has to understand that to reach more viewers you have to showcase your YouTube video to as many as possible people and for that, you need to follow all algorithms of YouTube such as thumbnail, title, keywords, descriptions, tags, hashtags etc.

“As websites are useless without SEO same is with YouTube channels, they are useless without YouTube SEO In India.”

If you are a YouTuber or a business owner and want to promote your business via videos, or want to generate leads via YouTube videos we at brand Chanakya offers detailed YouTube Consultation, YouTube Marketing, YouTube channel Optimization services & YouTube SEO Services in India, with an effective result-driven approach.

Varun Surana: Founder Brand Chanakya 

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