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This is the most common question nowadays that I’m an entrepreneur and do I really need to attend a business growth program ?
Entrepreneurship is a pretty creative & straightforward concept isn’t it! You come up with a superb idea and find investors and after some behind-the-scenes sweat equity, your enterprise becomes an inspiration to others as you smile and rake in the dough. Does that sum it up?
By watching few successful entrepreneur movies you should not judge that your idea can be as successful as their story was because there is nothing like overnight success which lets us believe that starting a business is a walk in the park.

The Bitter Truth About Entrepreneurship

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According to a study, nearly half of the new business fails within the first five years through their concept be mindboggling, approximately 70% fail within the first 10 years which means that the majority of “great ideas” don’t lead to lasting success. Why?
Business experts have examined closely some few facts to figure out why businesses fail, out of which major are poor decision making and lack of general business knowledge. If the same would have possessed better mentorship & more knowledge of what it takes to run, market, apt finance management, they would have been in the group of those entrepreneurs who found long-term success.

Business Growth Program- How It Helps

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Are you pondering over the idea of attending a business growth program?
That’s wonderful but hold your horses!
Joining a business growth program is one of the biggest investment in terms of time, money & efforts. Firstly analyze your capability and potential to go for it & scope in the future. If you are still at the soul-searching stage read our few tips and learns how we can help you to settle your curiosity.
Let’s start with “NEED” & why it can be an excellent move for you!

  • Career change or a new career challenge.
  • Opportunities are there but you don’t know exactly how to turn opportunities into the lifesaver.
  • You want to increase your earning power.
  • To polish your rough side by broaden your horizon and sharpening your skills to get better at what you are best at!
  • To enhance your financial position.
  • To develop technical expertise and business savvy quickly.
  • To gain a competitive edge in the cut-throat competitive world.

Top Tips For Making Most Out Of Business Growth Program-

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  • Take the three-pillar approach.
  • Prioritize your efforts on selected events as it is impossible to give the best efforts on understanding everything.
  • Build relationships.
  • Applying your learning to real life.
  • Practical approach.
  • De-stress through the desired method, give yourself a break.

Though Business growth program isn’t a requirement for success as an entrepreneur, however, it’s hard to deny that there are many benefits to receiving a business degree. Business growth program can provide the general and industry-specific knowledge that many entrepreneurs lack when they start their own businesses. Plus, it’s the perfect environment to test your ideas and build a network.

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