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Marketing Tips For Restaurants, Tips For Restaurants

There is a need for proper marketing for restaurants and cafes. Because no restaurant or cafe has managed to survive for more than 1-2 yrs without marketing. It might sound you wrong or you may have a question that “how the old restaurants or cafes are surviving then?” And it is an obvious question and it has a very simple answer and that is marketing is happening and to date. Be it in a traditional way, or mouth to mouth marketing and the main factor depends on it is that it is an old one and most importantly fewer competitions that’s why they have managed to make some kind of attachment or affection for their regular customers.

But for today you need to plan your Restaurant Marketing Ideas as many restaurants are being open daily. And there is a lot of competition in the market in terms of quality of food, ambiance, taste, sometimes its quality also matters, and the most important factor is the area or locality where it is opened.

Here are some Restaurant Marketing Ideas which help you in growth, branding, sales, etc.

Theme Based Marketing

Restaurant Marketing Ideas, Marketing Tips For Restaurant

For theme-based marketing, you don’t have to worry about much because it is quite interesting and it will represent your restaurant in a unique way. Not only today’s generation but oldies also love to hang out in these types of restaurants, as compared to the normal ones.

Ex:- There are Pub G cafes which are so popular amongst the youth, there is a Jail themed cafe which is also popular.

So you can try these types of themes to gain popularity and engagement.

YouTube Marketing

Marketing Tips For Restaurant, How To Grow Restaurant Business With Youtube

It is very helpful, if you are inviting any YouTuber for making videos in your restaurants or for reviewing then it directly affects your sales. Though you will have to pay some amount to the YouTuber for the video shoot but let’s see it in a positive way that he/she will be sharing it on their channel, and it will be seen by many if watched by any local then they won’t stop themselves from arriving there.

Social Share Marketing

Marketing Tips For Restaurant, grow restaurant Business with Social media

You can ask your customers for sharing it on social media platforms and to also tag our restaurant and get an X % discount on your bill. By doing so the customer is happy as he/she is getting some discount but it is helping you directly in marketing as that post will be seen by many of their friends and they will think that we should also try this restaurant as one of my friends have shared an image and the food is also looking fantastic.


Offers are the best if you are having it as this is the best way for marketing and increasing sales. You can buy 1 get 1 free offer but before giving it, calculate all your expenses done on that unit, and is it worth it or not to only apply this.

Giving an offer doesn’t mean that you will be in loss sometimes it has proved that it can help you in generating more sales.


re marketing to grow restaurant business

It is the most efficient Restaurant Marketing Ideas and it can be through What’s App or SMS. When customers arrive don’t forget to take their contact details as it helps you to get more sales in the future.

Suppose if your target for the day is to have X or Y thousand rupee sales and you haven’t reached that much that means you are in the loss and your food will be wasted so that you can use it like we are giving you a 50% discount if you order it now.

WiFi Marketing

You can offer free WiFi to the customers arriving there but only on one condition that they will have to click a photo and share it on their social media accounts tagging them. And then you can easily give them the password for the free access and hence your marketing part is also done. This can be one of the best Restaurant Marketing Ideas for the advertisement of your restaurant.

Unlimited Offer

Marketing Tips For Restaurants, 9 best restaurant marketing ideas

You can give an unlimited offer like unlimited food, snacks, or a particular variety in some amount of money. if you are planning unlimited drinks then don’t forget to mention “up to”.

For unlimited, there is some benefit that people will find this more attractive and the most important thing is they will not be able to have in a large quantity so you have saved your food and have also managed to increase sales.


This Restaurant Marketing Ideas can be considered an important factor especially for those who are taking their food in a packed form. Also remember that the food you will be packing in the container should not spoil, leak, or it gets cold after some time. So try to use the best containers or you can use them with the logo also. The packaging is the first impression and this only will convince them to order more in the future also.

Undercover Marketing 

This Restaurant Marketing idea is for those who are about to open or are opening their new restaurant. This Restaurant Marketing idea is usually used for creating hype amongst the people for the new opening. It can be done mouth to mouth, with others sharing it on social media, etc. When it has done it creates excitement, curiosity, and positive energy to visit a new restaurant.

Above mentioned ideas are some of the best Restaurant Marketing Ideas which, if used in the business then take it to new heights.

If you are also looking for The Best Marketing Strategies, then Feel free to reach out at 9783207700 Or Visit us at: www.brandchanakya.in

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