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Impact Of Covid-19 on Businesses & Some Best Tips

An Open Letter To Business Owners Community By Mr. Ashish Sanganeria (Director, Sales: Brand Chanakya “A Leading Digital Marketing Service & Business Consultancy Agency In India”)

COVID-19, A disaster, and no management is found to be successful to manage this disaster. Every aspect of society is drastically impacted by the repercussions of this deadly disease. Although it is assumed that it is a man-made calamity, and men will find ways to get rid of it, in the meantime it is creating a huge loss of humanity and lives.

People are losing lives, relatives, nears and dears, family members, friends, and many others. In a very short span of time the deadly virus has shown and created a tremendous loss to the Nation and the universe at a large. No sure remedy is still prepared as the pandemic has not given enough time and data to diagnose the nature, although the vaccines are developed to somehow control the adverse effect of the disease.

covid impact on business, impact of covid 19 on businesses

“A sad phase for many businesses is on the way” & Its time to replace/recreate a complete business model or may be the entire business for many segments.” 

Impact of Covid-19 on Businesses

In a span of just less than two years, this disease(Covid19) has impacted twice with the name of the 2nd Wave, and one never knows how many more waves are yet to come or follow. With every new wave, new strains are detected and hence impacting the social, economic, and cultural lives of people.

Every class of society may be businessmen, servicemen, entrepreneurs, freelancers or any other class who is involved in earning livelihood has made huge losses in terms of their earnings. And it may continue to happen if this kind of pandemic tends to occur in the future, which is quite obvious. 

Not only Lives are facing losses but businesses are also impacted heavily due to the remedial solutions of this disease. Besides social distancing, regular handwashing, and sanitization, “Do Gaj Duri Mask Hai Jaruri ”, lockdown is the most common solution that which government has found for eradicating this man-made calamity. Businesses have faced tremendous loss by facing Physical lockdowns of Cities, States, and nations as a whole.

Manufacturing Industries, Traders, Wholesalers, Retailers, and all segments of business have just stuck then and there as the movement of the majority of buyers got restricted. Majorly only the essential sector of lifestyle kept on moving which is the pharmaceutical industry, and secondly only those businesses survived which were present on digital platforms. This period has laid down the importance of the Digital presence of Business. 

 Now the big question is 

“When we cannot avert this physical Nationwide, Statewide, District wise, or any other geographical area-wise lockdowns/shutdowns, can anyone afford lockdown of business/service?” 

  • Why should your business be lockdown out of any natural disaster or calamity? 
  • Why are few businesses/services surviving in these adverse situations also? 
  • How did new business opportunities evolve? 

and many such questions. The simple answer to these questions is to move your business/service physically to digitally simultaneously. Moving to digital platforms gives multiple benefits to businesses such as a cost-effective solution of branding and marketing, provides Local Global presence, the visibility of business becomes 24x7x365, acting as a Virtual manager, quick decision making, a synchronized system of operation, Sales process automation,   etc.

Every businessman should now realize the benefits of Digital Marketing Services, as it has become the need of the hour. With the change of time and technology, the mindset of people is also changing and the products or services which are present on the digital platform may be social media platforms or search engines, are in high demand. 

It has been observed from time to time that with changes in time and technology, the business should also adapt to such changes, or else it moves out of the market. And in the current scenario moving your business from Offline to online is the correct choice.

As stated earlier, there are various benefits of Online Platforms (commonly known as Digital Marketing Services) for the Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Admin departments of every business. These digital marketing services in India involve different kinds of services such as Online presence through Websites and their optimization through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing Services, Video Marketing through YouTube Channel and its optimization, etc.

Benefits of Website and SEO for Businesses

The best part of this digital marketing platform is reaching out and searching out the targeted potential Clients in the lowest possible budget with an accuracy of results in the Widest range of geography.

Presenting or showcasing of business through a website opens up the potential of presence in large geographical areas all the time, even during non-working hours. When people search their needs on any Search Engine (most commonly Google) and your business is ranked in the top positions of their search, you tend to get new buyers or customers.

Your Website acts as a Virtual Manager when people visit it, interact with them, and generate leads that can be followed on time and converted to Sales or service. Hence every business, big or small must have its own website and be optimized to be ranked on top searches. Brand Chanakya is known as the leading & best digital marketing agency in India for Website, Social Media, SEO Etc.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing and Optimization

This is based on Push Marketing Concept. Every business can showcase its products and service or its benefits through its social media handles and those who are interested gets connected back. Regularly posting on the handles optimizes it and following proper algorithms helps in increasing the organic followers and engagements.

There are Digital Marketing agencies who are helping businesses to grow their digital presence and taking complete care of their social media handles. It can be the best way to hire such agencies and let them do this work for you, as they are regularly updated with the latest trends running in the market. When their cost is compared with your time cost, it comes out to be much more economic and wise to hire a professional agency for this purpose.

Benefits of Video Marketing (YouTube Channels)

Communication of your business activity or service using a Video or presentation is treated as the best method of marketing. Expression of what you deliver is much easier through video presentation as compared to audio or graphical presentation. It is clear and loud and understandable to all. It can even fetch you passive income along with your mainstream business income and professional agencies can be hired for the best utilization and its optimization.

If you are looking to meet for SEO services with the Best SEO Company In Udaipur you can contact us anytime we are serving pan India so in case of a zoom call from anywhere in India, you can contact us for Business Consultancy, Advertising Services, and Digital Marketing Services.

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To get an estimate of our services will get in touch with you soon.


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