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Importance Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Importance Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We all know the importance of digital marketing. One of the major parts of it is SEO. This article is indeed for you if you are genuinely interested in SEO. There is no miracle to maximize the number of visitors to your website, but if you learn and gain information on it, you will be able to develop comprehensive writing

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, meaning to increase web traffic by improving the quality and quantity of optimizing relevant searches. SEO is also known as organic search when search results are acquired through effective SEO, not by paid ads. 

One of the basics in SEO is SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) a term introduced by Brett Tabke, whenever you search for something on google, yahoo, etc. and those 10 links appear similar to what you are looking for is called search engine results page.

There are four different types of SERPs:

  • ORGANICLISTINGS- it refers to the unpaid or natural content that appears while searching. Google ads are listed on the page. The company pays for the position on the page and when they stop paying, the AdWord disappears from the page. There are listings of the site when you enter any searches.
  • SPONSOREDRESULTS/PAIDAD-  Results that appear on google because the sponsor pays the money to put it there.
  • RICHFEATURES-These add a visual layer(sometimes multiple layers) to SERP. These include things like snippets, carousels, etc.
  • GOOGLEKNOWLEDGEPANELS-These offer snippets of information and appears on the right side of the page on google. You cannot pay for these panels, these are purely gained by continuous high-quality optimization on your entire website and blog. If one or more pages are similar enough to the search the google will present them as site links.


In search marketing, we always talk about keywords. Keywords and search queries are not the same thing. A search query is the words and phrases that we search on google in the search box. A searcher will search according to his needs, be it videos, links, or an entire site. These searches can be broken down into three distinct searches. There are various search queries per se but we will look into the top three. 

  1. Navigational search query
  2. Informational search query
  3. Transactional search query

This query is targeted when a user is searching for a particular website or links. For example, a searcher would type youtube in the navigation bar than typing the whole URL.

How to optimize navigational searches?

It should be exactly what a user is looking for because through navigational search the user has a particular site in mind and if you are not that site, it is of no use. You don’t happen to stand a  chance unless you own a site that the searcher is looking for. Also, remember all sites look navigational but not might be. So, make sure you own your site because it is going to appear on top results in organic search when the user is looking for your site particularly.


This kind of query covers broad topics. When a researcher is searching how to develop good communication skills?’ He is looking for an answer to his question, detailed information on this specific topic. 

How to optimize information search?

The best way to optimize this search is to develop high-quality content (SEO content) that genuinely provides relevant information to the user’s query. You can develop high-quality content through:

  • Blog posts
  • Detailed step-by-step guide
  • Videos
  • Guides
  • E-books
  • Infographics – when used together with web elements creates a quality search result.

This kind of query indicates an intent to complete the transaction, meaning the customer has made his mind to purchase the product or service.

How to optimize transaction search?

Ensure that you are using relevant title tags, keywords, contents to drive consumer convenience to find your products and services. You can also highlight the product’s color, size, or material or the service’s features and price.

types of seo, seo services


We live in the digital world, and the market of online entrepreneurship and work from home has become gravitate. Every day over 4.4 billion blogs are uploaded, and over 409 million people read over 20 billion posts every day. There are more than twenty posts uploaded per second and it is uploading now while you are reading this article.

We live in a digital world now and it ain’t going to change, it gets modified and more advanced each day, and the more it grows, the more it demands your existence over the website to grow your business.

To increase the web traffic and generate a good income, making your site available to social platforms is a prerequisite.

Importance of SEO as follows:


The main goal is to develop trust and credibility to increase traffic. The reader should know if the site he is checking on is trustworthy or not. SEO helps in building that trust by taking him to clean and effective information about your beautiful website.


The main function of SEO is visibility because a customer should easily find you for what you have to offer. The higher your ranking on SERP, the higher your web traffic.


Your brand will hold high ratings in the market when you have good content, products, and services. Your brand name is driven by what you offer and what your clients say about it.


The major part of SEO is to draw more traffic towards your products and services. If you want more users, SEO is the best way to accomplish this.


 It is very crucial to maintain the goodwill of your business. Authority simply means engaging your audience in a trustworthy, high-quality, and relevant material that you offer.


When your targeted audience engages in your services and products, it often becomes mandatory to improve their experience. This can be achieved through chatbots, it is a good way of answering the queries of your customers. Moreover, it is available 24/7 which makes it even a better option. Another way is via feedback, this is a good way to know and understand what your customers and audience feel about your brand.


SEO is the economical way of launching your brand in the market. We all want to go wide in our business without any financial meltdown. Online marketing is the best window to it. It is readily available 24/7 with no cost or minimal cost charges. This is no marketing cost, it is a smart business investment.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your brand reaches the parts of the world where you can’t reach physically and to reach customers who don’t know your brand exists? Well! SEO allows you to do that exactly, reaching audiences to introduce your services and products and to various parts or the whole world virtually because now and then there will be someone searching similar to what you have to offer, what if he finds your services exactly what he was looking for? In other words, SEO is for discovery and leveraging your targeted audience.


  • On-page SEO

On-page content is the one that the user sees when he visits your website. Effective on-page SEO is built on high-quality content, the major part of SEO is good quality content, your content should be 10 times better than others then only it will increase the rankings of your page. If you are genuinely interested in growing your business via SEO optimization, there are some great SEO experts in India to help you. 

  • Off-page SEO

Well! This kind of optimization is a little hard to explain and execute. Off-page optimization is getting links to bring visitors to your site. This is a quite difficult and most important task in optimizing. Getting links to your site shows Google that your site is trustworthy and most authoritative which also helps in your rankings.

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO is exactly what the name implies, it indicates technical parameters that affect the visibility of your site. Optimizing images, having good quality HTTPS connection, information speed load times because if customers want to reach your site and it takes time to load, you will eventually lose the searcher.


As we know, almost every business moved online but some businesses have a physical presence in the market too. It is easy to find help online too but if you want to massively boon your business you need to take expert advice. You can find the best SEO services in India at Brand Chanakya. They offer some great consultation and also providetop SEO services in India. It is hard to find a good quality training program in small cities, so they also have their branch in Udaipur where you can experience and learn with the best SEO experts in Udaipur.


It is somewhat similar to on-page SEO. Google and yahoo are not the only search engines out there. App stores get a phenomenal amount of searches every day like google play store and apple app st. If you have an app, you need to make sure that it finds people who are looking for it.


It is all about how to make good quality and quantity of content. Because this is a major part of optimization people always tend to learn and consider expert experience. To start with this you should always consider the keywords.

All of the above information is to make you aware of how you can grow your business virtually reaching to the parts of the world where you cannot reach physically, you can reach virtually to the people. 

There is a great search engine optimization company in India. You can visit it,

They have so much expert guidance, they are the best SEO company in udaipur. They also provide knowledge from industry experts. It is their policy “We take your business personally.” You can wonderfully boon your business via internet entrepreneurship with the help of experienced and best experts in India.

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To get an estimate of our services will get in touch with you soon.


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