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Inbound Marketing Vs Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Once you start understanding digital marketing the first 2 popular term which comes into the picture is inbound marketing and content marketing. Inbound marketing is the new way to attract more customers with less distraction in comparison to old traditional outbound marketing where content marketing comes into the picture to add value in user’s life or buyer’s life, both have their importance and different objective, via this blog post we (Team Brand Chanakya) would love to explain both terms in easy words for the better sales results of your business! 

Inbound marketing is a process that attracts potential clients by making important substance and encounters customized to them. While outbound showcasing intrudes on your crowd with content they don’t generally need where Content marketing is an essential showcasing approach to existing leads and inquiries to put them into nurturing process of first time or recurring buying.

We are offering inbound marketing and creative marketing services in Udaipur to many reputed businesses for last 6+ years.

Content marketing vs inbound marketing

 So Let’s Get Started 🙂 

Numerous individuals wrongly accept that inbound and content advertising is precisely the same thing bit it is not, the facts that confirms that they are very comparable, yet they additionally have particular, contrast between them and brings different results in the entire sales process.

We are offering various content marketing services in Udaipur for the last 6 years and we have found that is any business wants to get certain and sure results, they should not avoid both options.

Point To Point Difference Between Inbound Marketing & Content Marketing


Inbound Marketing 

Content Marketing

Information Vs Value  Inbound marketing efforts are meant for providing information about the product/services with less distraction to potential customers. Content marketing is done to add value/knowledge in the user’s life about business, products, uses etc.
Sales Vs Nurture All inbound marketing efforts have a simple and single goal to increase the sales of product / service by using social media marketing and web-based ads. The goal of content marketing is to nurture the mindset before buying or for recurring buying via blog post, WhatsApp / LinkedIn series / videos etc
Stage Inbound marketing is highly recommended to get leads for the business so first, every business should start with inbound marketing efforts. After getting leads every business is left with 80-95% non converted leads and we recommend to opt content marketing to convert a few more from that list.
Platform / Tools Social Media, Google Ads Blogs, Videos, WhatsApp, Telegram, Infographics

Here are the major 4 differences and we always recommend using every single method to explore the real importance of Digital Marketing for Businesses. For the last 5 years, we have been working with various clients from various industries and we have found that content marketing in Udaipur really works especially for the service industry. 

In today’s digital era, especially after back to back many lockdowns, weekend curfews, mini lockdowns, most of the potentials buyers of every business are relying on the internet for buying decision or to get products/services easily without any risk. 

In such time every single business, be it small or the big one should use content marketing techniques to get more sales from existing and potential customers.

inbound marketing vs content marketing

If the business is having a large team and struggling to survive because of less revenue, then it should start using inbound yet impactful techniques to get more leads and should have a proper strategy for content marketing.

In this tough time, every business will need affordable yet impactful marketing techniques to bounce back and we at brand Chanakya helping hundreds of clients for various platforms of inbound marketing like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, google ads, youtube optimization, and content marketing in Udaipur and across the globe. 

If you have any assignments or want us to curate content for your business, you can contact us for any sort of content writing services be it for blogs, nurturing processes, or sales-oriented websites. We are a popular name in the segment of content marketing in Udaipur and we have curated 5 lakh+ words of content, hundreds of infographics, and informational videos for many of our esteemed clients.

In case if you had not yet thought about utilizing both inbound and content marketing in your online mission promotion for your business, I trust this article has persuaded you to do as such.


Varun Surana

Founder: Brand Chanakya

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Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya
Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya
Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya
Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya
Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya
Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya
Request a free call back with Brand Chanakya