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Why You Should Not Ignore The Importance Of SEO, Importance Of SEO

Let’s discuss 5 key benefits of SEO for small businesses which tells you Why SEO matters . To create fast, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines you really need to do good SEO. Small business owners need search engine optimization to bring more qualified potential customers to visit their sites and eventually to increase conversion ratio. Here through this blog, we will help you to know the importance of SEO and Why SEO matters!

5 Key Benefits Of SEO \ Why SEO Matters –

Why SEO matters, seo services

  1. User friendlier website
  2. Increase customer base and bring more clients
  3. SEO optimized website has a better conversion ratio
  4. Higher ranking creates brand awareness
  5. Grow faster by bypassing competition

To maintain that constant growth and brand awareness you should not overlook SEO of your website. As per research, more than 80% of online users use search engines to find products and related information they need. And the biggest search engine “google” is serving every day more than 1 billion queries. Before making any purchase more than 74% of people use a search engine and thus the % of online users are increasing daily.

Therefore, if your website is not to search engine friendly and doesn’t appear in search engine results than you are leaving behind a lot of traffic and potential business.

Below Are A Few Facts And Figures Which Highlight That Why SEO Matters

Why SEO matters, seo services, Search Engine Marketing

  1. SEO contains three main parts keyword research, on-site optimization, off-site optimization. Enhance your online visibility through search engine optimization.  As keywords help in process of searching about your business and on-site create unique content and overall improve the architecture of your website and off-site help create link building and social media sites.
  2. Market share of SEO- 73% of people search on google to find important information before purchasing. And according to them, they are satisfied with what info they got thus the market share of search engines is Google-73%, Yahoo-23%, ask-4%.
  3. While doing shopping or before making the purchase as per research people use the following mediums
    • Internet search engine- 74%
    • Yellow page telephone directory-65%
    • Internet yellow page-50%
    • Local newspaper- 45%
  4. Experiencing no increase in traffic-  Without SEO you won’t be able to see an increase in traffic that comes to your site. To increase traffic it is done through implementing keywords into the content for Users to find. If you have local SEO or have SEO implemented, then you are going to see an increase in the quantity of traffic coming to your site, which later can be converted into sales and permanent customers.
  5. Missing niche- If you aren’t aware of SEO, then you are going to miss or misunderstand lucrative niches. You might be using basic keywords when, but exactly that isn’t what is being searched for. It is important that after doing research you should define the keywords, which one is very popular for your niche.
  6. Correct content is bliss-  If you are not putting appropriate or correct content than you are going to miss out on the customer. And also if the posting is not done regularly than customers won’t be interested to visit. Give informative content. Posting should be done regularly with a wide variety of articles and correct information.
  7. losing a potential customer or you might be losing local customers- Nowadays people are doing their search online and aren’t using any local Directories. Without an online presence, you are missing a huge group of customers that Could have access to you. With your online presence potential customer might visit Your store.

These were the things that show Why SEO matters for your business growth.


These are some highlighted facts that show Why SEO matters for your business. Without it, you might lose potential customers. SEO has its own importance

But ignoring it can be hazardous for the growth of your business as we all know we have entered the era of digitalization. To know more about how SEO can generate fruitful results and what are its techniques and how to get it done contact us at Brand Chanakya 9783207700 or leave your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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